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This is the integrated Voice and Data solution for companies of any size requiring a customized network infrastructure and wanting to exploit all the added-value services offered by Welcome Italia.


custom Vianova sites have been created to date for our most demanding Customers

Vianova Project-based Vianova

In summary

  • a single Provider for all your landline telecommunications services
  • lines dedicated exclusively to Vianova services
  • asymmetric access up to 30 Mbps downstream and up to 10 Mbps upstream and symmetric up to 20 Mbps
  • radio relay access up to 1 Gbps
  • national and international Full Managed VPNs
  • custom Voice and Data backup solutions with various routing and access technologies
  • Colocation, Housing, Hosting and Cloud solutions
  • local and national calls cost 1 cent €/min and are free to other Vianova Customers
  • calls to company mobile phones at 2 cents €/min with the Company PriceWI service
  • calls are billed for actual duration in seconds with no connection charge

Case histories

Italian leader in the energy field

  • principal location in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Vianova 30+, 90 voice channels and a custom Router Backup solution
  • other locations in Italy: 1 location with Vianova 30+, 3 locations with Vianova 6.12 and 1 location with Vianova 1.5
  • Full Managed VPN with all locations in Hub & Spoke configuration for secure access to CloudWI
  • CloudWI with custom Firewalling and VDI solution

World leader in the production of coffee machines

  • principal location in Lombardy: Vianova 30+, 44 voice channels and a custom Router Backup solution
  • other locations in Italy: 4 locations with Vianova 6.12
  • other locations in Europe: 5 locations with xDSL connectivity and point-to-point transport via international Carrier with connection to Welcome Italia’s POP at MIX in Milan
  • Full Managed VPN with all locations for secure access to the management system at the principal location
  • Virtual Machine for the centralization of email services with IMAP protocol

International leader in the design and construction of diesel engines

  • 100 Mbps PTP fiber optic access configured at 50 Mbps
  • 8 Mbps symmetric copper access with 4 Mbps MCR
  • 80 voice channels on IP-PABX
  • the two accesses are configured in load balancing and reciprocal backup through the BGP protocol


  • activation and installation costs can be divided into installments on the basis of the duration of the contract
  • this offer includes the installation, free loan and maintenance of Router and Gateway to connect the telephone switchboard (PABX) and the local network (LAN) provided by the Customer
  • this offer includes the opportunity to manage faxes, analog modems and POS
  • delivery times and conditions of supply for custom offers are indicated in the project document

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