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Vianova is the only integrated telecommunications offer that gives professional voice and data access with guaranteed quality, combined with added value services included in the price and projected to improve the business productivity of your company.

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Vianova is divided into profiles in order to simplify the choice of the most suitable solution to your needs.


Teleworking, commercial businesses and small branches with 1 line

Companies with 1 to 5 lines and up to 20 workstations

Small business


Companies with 6 to 12 lines and up to 60 workstations

Companies with 15 to 22 lines and up to 100 workstations

Small and medium companies


Companies with 24 to 30 lines and up to 150 workstations

Companies with 30 to 120 lines and up to 1000 workstations

Large companies

19 essential services included in the price

With Vianova you can immediately rely on a package of services to support your business' growth, such as:

a suite of applications and services designed for professional management of email thanks to synchronization of email, calendar, tasks, contacts and notes on any company device

collaboration services as Conference Call and MeetingWI make it easier to organize meetings and to share projects remotely

messaging tools that allow you to update your Customers, with just a few clicks, about commercial offers, deadlines and appointments.

our Hosting service provides you with web space on Windows and Linux platforms, to host your company’s website in complete security

an interactive Client AreaWI providing tools that are useful to monitor our consumption and giving you the possibility to independently manage your services

an InvoiceWI that makes you gain time because recaps all your telecomunications expenses in just one page with maximum transparency

…and many other services designed to satisfy the needs of  the most technologically advanced companies.

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