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Vianova 1.1 is the integrated Voice and Data solution for teleworking, commercial businesses and small branches of companies that want to exploit all the added-value services provided by Welcome Italia using a professional internet connection.


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Vianova Vianova 1.1

In summary

  • a single Provider for all your landline telecommunications services
  • lines dedicated exclusively to Vianova services
  • professional flat access up to 30 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream
  • local and national calls cost 1 cent €/min and are free to other Vianova Customers
  • calls to company mobile phones at 2 cents €/min with the Company PriceWI service
  • calls to other mobile phones cost 10 cent €/min
  • calls are billed on actual duration with no connection charge
  • 6 GB of email space on which you can configure an unlimited number of POP3 or IMAP email accounts on the domain
  • a MeetingWI session
  • a Linea 800 number
  • a PEC (certified email) mailbox
  • an IPv4 public IP address
  • Cisco 800 series router
voice channels access bandwidth MailWI users PEC mailboxes DriveWI users MeetingWI sessions Conference Call virtual rooms FaxWI numbers Linea 800 numbers disc space web space installation cost monthly rate
qty Mbps qty qty qty qty qty qty qty GB GB euro euro
1 30-3 1 1 1 1 6 280,00 55,00

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FTTx option

In areas covered by the service you can activate FTTx access at speeds up to 30 Mbps downstream and 3 upstream.

  • activation cost: included if installation occurs at the same time as the installation of the profile, or 150,00 euro if activated later
  • additional monthly rate: included

Radio option

In areas covered by the service you can activate radio access at speeds up to 20 Mbps downstream and 1 upstream.
The quality of voice traffic is currently not guaranteed.

  • activation cost: 120,00 euro if installation occurs at the same time as the installation of the profile or 400,00 euro if activated later
  • additional monthly rate: 35,00 euro

Services included in Vianova 1.1 profile

Optional services


  • the services in this offer are provided only after positive technical testing of the lines
  • access speed depends on the quality of the lines, the technology available and the distance of the location from the local telephone exchange or street cabinet
  • the profile is activated based on the best access technology available in the area in the following order:
    1. on an Ethernet network with speeds up to 10 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream
    2. on an ATM network with speeds up to 7 Mbps downstream and 512 Kbps upstream
  • the speed of browsing the Internet depends on network congestion and on the server the Customer is connecting to
  • the minimum speed for provision of the service is 1.2 Mbps downstream and 128 Kbps upstream
  • the Dual Operator mode is not available in the Number PortabilityWI service
  • the FlexWI UPS and ISDN services are not available
  • Italian certified email (PEC) can be activated only on the domain
  • the Voice and Data services will not work in the event of a power failure hence we recommend, in the case of using emergency telephones in the elevator, installing advanced profiles


  • this offer includes the installation, free loan and maintenance of Router and Gateway to connect the telephone switchboard (PABX) and the local network (LAN) provided by the Customer
  • upon activation of the main line, connecting the LAN and the PABX (if required) to the Vianova line must be carried out by the Customer
  • activation and installation costs can be divided into instalments payable for up to 36 months without interest
  • this offer includes the opportunity to manage faxes, analog modems and POS
  • the TrafficWI service uses the disk space provided by the profile

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