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Rely on a single provider for all
telecommunication services of your company

Vianova Services

Vianova offers the opportunity to rely on a single provider with an offer of integrated services, designed and constantly updated to make your job easier, optimize costs and free precious time for the development of your business.

To support this goal we have decided, for any company size, which services should always be included in the price and which are optional.

Vianova Services

Standard Services

A package of service that are essential to your company, included in Vianova profiles and designed to simplify your life and let you concentrate on your business.

MailWI Synchronize your email, calendars, tasks, contacts and notes on your devices
Hosting The web space to put your company on show
DriveWI Store your files in the cloud and share with whomever you want
FaxWI Use your mailbox to send and receive faxes
Conference Call Hold your meetings in a professional telephone conference
MeetingWI Share your screen with other people connected to the internet
SMSWI Send an SMS from your PC to one person or thousands of contacts simultaneously
Toll Free NumberWI A toll-free number available to your Customers
Client AreaWI View your panel with information that is always up to date
TrafficWI Monitor the use of your telecommunications services
InvoiceWI Clarity and transparency on your consumption on one page
PEC Giving your email communications legal validity
Number PortabilityWI Retain your phone numbers with the simplicity of our system
Line RecoveryWI Ensure business continuity with a backup line
Advanced ServicesWI Additional benefits and security for your telecommunications
145WI Call our Customer Center, we answer within three rings
Data Access Use a professional data connection line
Voice Access A high quality landline service
Router Backup A second router to guarantee maximum continuity to your work
A second router to guarantee maximum continuity to your work

Un secondo router per assicurare maggiore continuità al tuo lavoro


  • in the Vianova 1.1 profile the MailWI, DriveWI, Hosting, Conference Call and Router Backup services are not available
  • in the Vianova 1.1 profile the Line Recovery service is only available with the 3G Data Backup option
  • in the Vianova 1.5 profile the Line Recovery service is optional
  • in the 6.12 profile the Router Backup service is optional


  • the services marked with the WI symbol are significantly different compared to those offered by other operators
  • for Vianova Customers with multiple sites, the disk space and the overall web space, as well as the total number of MailWI and DriveWI users, the number of PEC (certified email) addresses, domains, virtual rooms, Fax and Linea 800 numbers as well as the number of IPv4 addresses is calculated as the sum of the individual quantities specified for each Vianova site subscribed for
  • the use of standard and optional services is subject to activation of the relevant Vianova profiles