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“For more than 120 years, we have been producing bicycles. We have always been protagonist in competitions and on the roads all around the world, thanks to our exclusive Italian design and to the use of innovative technologies. So, if you want to relive the emotions of our champions like Coppi or Pantani, you can jump on one of our bikes. But if you want to have the best telecommunications for your company, follow our advice and choose Welcome Italia.”


Vittorio Billa
Head of IT


“Our company designs and builds luxury real estate. With Welcome Italia we feel pampered, in the same way that we ourselves pamper our Customers.”

Cesare Lazzarini


“Our sales points stand out for the particular atmosphere of trust and confidence typical of a local store. Welcome Italia’s staff is inspired by the friendly way in which we, too, cater to our customers.”


Germano Casasco
Head of IT

Knauf Italia

“Our company is world leader in the production and marketing of Dry Construction Systems.
With Welcome Italia, service quality is guaranteed by technical know-how that is in constant development, just like any of our own construction systems and solutions.”


David Bellino
Head of IT

Maffei Marraccini & Associati

“We chose Welcome Italia’s Vianova integrated offer for our company’s telecommunication service, and yesterday morning I received a pleasant surprise. An operator from Welcome Italia’s Customer Service office called to thank us for our loyalty and informed me that, since the beginning of the current month, our Vianova profile was increased with further included services and the mobile call cost was reduced by 24%. And all this without asking us anything in return!
Now this is what I call attention and respect for Clients!”


Sergio Maffei

Moores Rowland Italia

“We are involved in administrative and tax consultancy. Welcome Italia’s monthly invoice is a veritable control panel, just like the ones we create for our Customers.”


Riccardo Cima


“Founded in Tuscany in 1877, Ruffino has been synonymous with tradition for over a century and an ambassador of one of the most envied Italian jewels in the world: our wine. Three years ago, in order to communicate with our different properties and with wine enthusiasts the world over, we put ourselves in the hands of Welcome Italia which shares with us the same passion for work and the culture of respect for people.”


Sandro Sartor

Yokohama Italia

“Yokohama vanta una lunga tradizione nel campo del Motorsport, con l’obiettivo di migliorare le performance dei piloti e il livello tecnologico dei propri pneumatici.
Per la sicurezza attiva della vostra auto, affidatevi quindi alla nostra rete di Consulenti di Guida, ma per le telecomunicazioni della vostra impresa vi consigliamo Welcome Italia.”


Riccardo Magri

Welcome Italia's spot

Mozart’s Sonata K 545 can be downloaded free of charge and can be used by third parties as a background music on-hold source in phone systems because it is produced and arranged by Welcome Italia.

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