Value over Time

Vianova is enriched every year with new services included in the price. All the improvements in economic and supply conditions are available for all customers


Is our Customer Loyalty Rate for Vianova. Thank you!

Value over Time

Thanks to the loyalty of our Customers we are able to consistently improve our system and optimize production costs.

The funds thus saved are partially re-invested in network infrastructure development to guarantee the best services for your company, and partially returned directly to our Customers in the form of new services, technical upgrades or lower prices.

Since 2007, when Vianova was launched, we have introduced 72 technical or service upgrades and made 18 price reductions.


  • today’s Customers are worth the same as tomorrow’s
  • all Vianova Customers benefit from the latest product on the market
  • the better economic terms for a new product apply to new and existing Customers
  • the new services included in the price are always available to both new and existing Customers
  • a product without ifs and buts offering complete transparency


  • the improvements in technical standards are always applied to all Customers
  • all technical equipment on free loan at Customers’ facilities is constantly checked and upgraded for the latest software releases
  • Vianova has no exit barriers because only through the quality of its services can Customer loyalty be maintained


  • online reporting services are focused on producing information that serves to enhance business productivity
  • before being made available to our Customers, all services undergo assessment and reliability tests
  • over time we develop new services as standard or optional features to simplify communications and thus increase overall business efficiency

Strategic philosophy

  • Visione: a network of ethical and independent companies specialized in telecommunications and information technology
  • Mission statement: supporting business growth by simplifying telecommunications
  • Values: Respect, Service, Excellence

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