Advanced ServicesWI

Additional benefits and security for your telecommunications

Call RecoveryWI – included

In case of a failure on all Vianova lines, our Customer Service will configure, upon request, routing of incoming calls to another mobile phone or landline number. The cost of calls is borne by Welcome Italia.

ISDN FlexWI – included

With Vianova it is possible to configure basic ISDN BRI access with one voice channel without changing your PABX access technology. Furthermore, custom solutions allow you to configure primary ISDN PRI access with the number of voice channels you need. Not available in profile 1.1.

UPS included

Vianova services are also ensured in case of temporary absence of power thanks to a dedicated continuity unit (UPS) supplied on free loan. The service ensures power to Vianova devices for up to 30 minutes. Not available in profile 1.1.

Mail Server Reload included

The service is reserved for Customers who use a Mail Server (e.g. Microsoft Exchange) at the location and keeps all incoming messages for 5 days in the event of temporary unavailability of your Server. At service restoration the messages will be downloaded immediately.

Best Price included

In multi-location Vianova offerings, call costs are always those of the most advanced Vianova profile.

PABX ISDN Teleprogramming included

The service enables remote programming of your ISDN PABX. Not available in profile 1.1.

Firewalling included

Your LAN is protected from external attacks thanks to the free loan of certificated routers and the Access Control List (ACL) features managed by Welcome Italia. The service is disabled in the event that the Customer has their own firewall.

Port Forwarding included

The service consists in configuring the Network Address Translation(NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT) services and enables remote support and access to equipment or services (accounting programs, PABX, Web Server, etc.) resident on the LAN.

SIP TrunkWI – included

The service allows the native link of your IP PABX to Vianova equipment through the SIP standard protocol. The service also allows the simultaneous use of traditional POTS and ISDN lines. You can connect IP PABX equipped with one or more Ethernet adapters. Not available in profile 1.1.

Direct Inward Dialing WI – included

This service connects the call to an internal extension when you dial a number composed by a root followed by the extension number. Ranges of public numbers are a scarce resource and requests for the same must be justified by real business needs. The service is only available on ISDN or IP lines and can be used only on PABX enabled for the dial-through function. Not available in profile 1.1.

Supplementary phone services included

  • selective barring
  • call diversion
  • caller ID
  • caller masking
  • call waiting
  • connect ISDN

Voice OnlyWI – included

Voice OnlyWI is the ideal solution for those organizations (group practices, business consortiums, subsidiaries, etc.) that within one location share the same LAN, have their own phone numbers and want to maintain separate phone accounts.
The service allows for providing just Voice services to Customers operating in the same Vianova location but with different company names.
To activate the service you must subscribe to a specific Vianova contract proposal subsidiary to the main proposal.
Voice OnlyWI provides for billing just the telephone traffic of the numbers relating to the subsidiary contract and calls received on Linea 800 lines.
All other services, and the relevant monthly amounts, are the responsibility of the Customer who has signed the main Vianova contract.

Service costs

Advanced ServicesWI

Additional benefits and security for your telecommunications

Multiple services that will help you save money and guarantee an additional level of protection for your calls and data.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included


RelocationWI – optional

In case of relocation of your company, all Vianova services will follow you with no interruptions to your work. The process involves the prior installation of the new lines and devices at your new site and, on the date and time arranged, the actual transfer of the other services without missing a single call. The removal of the devices at the previous location is the responsibility of Welcome Italia.

  • one-time fee: 80% of the activation fee of the Vianova profile to relocate to the new location (payable in up to 36 monthly installments)

Downgrade e Upgrade optional

The service allows for changing the configuration of your Vianova profile.

  • with no technical intervention at the Customer’s premises: included
  • with technical intervention at the Customer’s premises: 150,00 euro (one-off fee)
  • activation fee in case of upgrade: the difference between the cost of the new and the old profiles

Additional IPv4 public addresses optional

The service provides for the issuance of further IPv4 addresses in addition to those already provided for in the Vianova profile chosen.

  • monthly rate: 1,00 euro each additional IP address


  • Welcome Italia does not configure Customer-owned firewalls
  • in Vianova profiles 1.5 and 6.12, the IP PABX to be connected in SIP TrunkWI must support the G729 and G711 voice codecs and the T.38 protocol for sending and receiving faxes
  • when Port Forwarding of the IPsec, PPTP, GRE and L2TP protocols is required, you must subscribe to the optional UnManaged VPN service
  • the Voice OnlyWI service is subject to the activation of the main Vianova profile
  • in case of termination of the main Vianova profile, the Voice OnlyWI service active at a location shall terminate automatically
  • the RelocationWI service is available after technical confirmation of the lines


  • in the Firewalling service, the configurations of the devices are saved and stored on Welcome Italia’s Network Management systems in order to restore the original functionality in case of replacement of damaged devices
  • the Vianova 15.22, 24.30 and 30+ profiles in native SIP TrunkWI include the Session Border Controller (SBC) functionality for the transcoding of voice Codecs
  • at the request of the Customer, in case of RelocationWI of a Vianova location to a telephone district different from the original, the phone numbers can be retained. In case of calls to emergency numbers (112, 113, 118, etc.) the operations centers of the original telephone district will respond
  • in the case of RelocationWI the termination of the old lines will happen only after the Customer requests the same
  • the activation timeframe for the location that the RelocationWI concerns will be that planned for new activations with the exception of the days necessary for the execution of the Number PortabilityWI
  • the billing of Vianova services for the location the RelocationWI concerns begins on the day of activation of the main line
  • the IPv4 addresses included in the Vianova profiles that are not used by Welcome Italia for activating the services are available to the Customer

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