Analyzes the web traffic of your company

The service analyzes, respecting privacy, data on the websites most visited by each of your company’s locations, indicating the total time that each domain has been viewed.

This service produces sortable lists and cumulative hourly, daily, weekly and monthly charts and for each domain visited.


In summary

  • online service for the statistical analysis of access to web services
  • the service does not require the installation of equipment at the Customer’s location
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  • it analyzes the traffic of each location, independently of any firewall installed on the Customer’s LAN
  • it also analyzes traffic generated by devices (laptops, PDAs, etc.) connected to the company’s Wi-Fi Hot Spot
  • it completes the function of a proxy server installed at the company’s location by monitoring “downstream” traffic


  • it processes the data in real time and publishes statistics on an hourly basis
  • it does not slow down browsing of websites
  • publishing data within the company will make your staff aware of the need for moderate use of web services for personal purposes


  • individual LAN users’ usage patterns cannot be traced through such data
  • the information refers exclusively to the cumulative usage of the location in question
  • the statistics are grouped by individual location and by domain (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc.)


  • the service is not able to restrict access to unauthorized web sites
  • the service detects HTTP protocol usage only
  • the service retains statistics for six months
  • in the presence of centralized ProxyWI active at multiple locations the data will be available at the aggregate level and not for single locations


  • the service is not able to detect the number of LAN users who visit a website or an online service
  • to restrict access to websites not authorized by company policy, the ProxyWI service must be activated
  • the service may be activated with access restricted by username and password

Social network survey
“Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly popular over the last few years so the temptation to visit such websites during working hours has increased accordingly,” said Philip Wicks of Morse. While some companies and organizations have decided to ban their employees from using social networks, Morse recommends that, instead of criminalizing their use, clear policies regarding use should be developed.”

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