Vianova Multitenant PBX Platform


Vianova CentrexWIP is a Multitenant platform dedicated to the Partners of Welcome Italia.

The Platform enables our Partners to provide Vianova Customers with a Virtual PBX service that adapts to businesses of any size and complexity: from the large organization with thousands of users which needs integration and customization, to the Call Center, the hotel, the shop or small professional firm.

Each Customer has all the features of an advanced PBX with the flexibility, the scalability and security of a Cloud solution guaranteed by Welcome Italia.

Thanks to technical expertise, experience in the field and presence in the area, Welcome Italia Partners are able to deliver, in full autonomy, the best design, sales, rental, installation, billing and maintenance solutions for the Virtual PBX service based on the Vianova CentrexWIP platform.


  • locally and geographically redundant Multitenant architecture
  • platform upgrades without interrupting the service
  • single administration interface
  • automation of Virtual PBX deployment processes
  • compatibility with all standard SIP products
  • auto-provisioning of equipment and user configuration via XLS files
  • LDAP for exporting and importing directories
  • Database Connector for web services
  • API for integration with third-party applications
  • advanced multi-level IVR
  • ACD for Call Center management
  • CTI to handle calls from PCs
  • Attendant Console for specialized telephone exchange workstations
  • XMPP chat between Virtual PBX users
  • Voice quality of service (QoS) guaranteed by Welcome Italia

Advanced Features

  • ACD – advanced queue management
  • ACR – customized outgoing call management
  • Call Recording – recording, playback and storage of the most important calls
  • Hot Desking – activating a user on any SIP terminal
  • IVR – multi-level auto answer
  • Director/Secretary – incoming call filtering
  • Paging – advanced management of adverts on the phone
  • Audio conference calls
  • Forking to Mobile – availability on mobiles without installing apps
  • Voicemail
  • CTI – app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android for managing calls from other devices
  • Attendant Console – Windows app for operator station
  • Call Center – app for call handlers

Call your Trusted Partner today

The platform is compatible with all the standard SIP terminals and gateways, and your Partner will advise you on the most suitable solutions for your needs.

Collage Vianova Centrex

Explanatory diagram

The following diagram shows the installation of a Virtual PBX with locations in Milan and Rome.

  • you can move between locations while maintaining the extension number and configuration of your terminal
  • the Rome site hosts a Call Center with ACD groups
  • colleagues can work at both locations but use telephone services as if they were in the same location

Schema esemplificativo Centrex


  • activating a Virtual PBX is only possible at active Vianova locations
  • call forwarding to an external number is not available in Vianova profiles 1.1 and 1.5.1 (those with a single voice channel)
  • the maximum number of simultaneous external conversations is equal to the number of voice channels of the Vianova profile subscribed to
  • in the case of multiple geographic locations belonging to the same Virtual PBX, the maximum number of simultaneous external conversations per location, including those between the Customer’s sites, is equal to the maximum number of voice channels provided by the Vianova profile subscribed to (e.g. a Vianova 1.5 site will have 5 channels, a 6.12 will have 12, a 15.22 will have 22, etc.)
  • the quality of service (QoS) of the voice service depends on the correct configuration of the Customer’s LAN
  • the use of softphones (software applications on PCs) or of terminals connected to WiFi networks does not ensure the quality of the voice service


  • the core of the Vianova CentrexWIP platform is based on the Multitenant version of Kalliope PBX (www.kalliopepbx.com) and is implemented in collaboration with NetResults S.r.l., a company of the Welcome Italia Group
  • telephone traffic is billed by Welcome Italia according to the financial conditions provided by the Vianova profile subscribed to
  • the cost of calls transferred to extensions outside the Virtual PBX (national, mobile, international, etc. numbers) is that determined by the Vianova profile subscribed to for the CentrexWIP Vianova Multitenant PBX Platform

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