Client AreaWI

View your panel with information that is always up to date

Simple tools to analyze your services.

The Client AreaWI is a protected area, one of a kind, designed for your information needs, updated in real time and always available.

You can easily navigate through the many options to monitor your consumption and services used, modify your access data and view a corporate phonebook that updates itself.

Profiled access

Welcome Italia offers profiled access for each company user through Single Sign On, a single account and password to access easily and confidentially the various information sections of the Client AreaWI, your MailWI mailbox and other Vianova services.

For each user you can associate one of the access profiles to the Client AreaWI pages, standard or customized, according to your information needs (for example, you can configure a user account for your accountant and enable viewing of just your billing pages).

Web App

The Client AreaWI allows direct access to the Web Apps and the control panels for the Vianova services such as MailWI, DriveWI, TrafficWI, AnalysisWI, ProxyWI and CloudWI.

Interactive statistics

Easily-understood monthly charts and statistics make it possible to monitor the trends of the different services and the overall consumption of disk space, and to make a detailed analysis of the data using convenient filter functions on the year and on the Vianova site in question. All the main administrative information contained in the Client AreaWI can be summarized and subdivided for each company location.


The phonebook is updated automatically and contains the numbers and names of the companies called. You can order the names based on the most-frequently dialed numbers.

Online invoice

The invoice becomes an interactive document that helps to confirm the details of the charges for the selected period and for all service types. You can view and download invoices from previous months with the relevant details of telephone calls made grouped by line and by location.

It is also possible to have the tariffs applied on the different traffic routes and types of service available in full transparency.

Analysis tools

The Client AreaWI provides useful tools for commercial and administrative analysis because it allows you to always have statistics and reports available to analyze in detail the use of your telecommunications services, such as call history, the FaxWIs sent and received, the Conference Calls made, etc.

The Client AreaWI also allows real-time monitoring of the bandwidth consumption of your connections and the status of your access lines.

Service costs

Client AreaWI

View your panel with information that is always up to date

The service is included in the Vianova profile, you simply need to access to your private area to always have at your disposal various information useful for your company.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included


  • access to the Web Apps of MailWI, TrafficWI, AnalysisWI and ProxyWI requires activation of the respective services
  • to create a MailWi mailbox you must configure the respective Client AreaWI user


  • you can create Client AreaWI users associated with non-MailWI mailboxes
  • access to the Client AreaWI  from a Vianova site allows automatic detection of the Customer and viewing without logon of the pages enabled by the default company profile
  • the phonebook is updated automatically thanks to the association of the numbers dialed with the data contained in the telephone lists for the companies that have given their consent
  • the overall consumption of disk space is calculated by summing space used by the MailWI, DriveWI and TrafficWI services (for the storage of PDF files of the FaxWI service and any audio recordings of the Conference Call service)

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