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The IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) allows you to share the resources of a powerful network infrastructure of physical Servers and storage installed at Welcome Italia’s two Data Centers, fully mutually-redundant and permanently connected to the Big Internet.


In summary

  • operating systems license included
  • 1 public IP included for each Server
  • 3 network cards included
  • 100 Mbps internet bandwidth included
  • unlimited traffic included
  • installation cost included
  • ability to create a network of Servers through dedicated virtual LANs
  • ability to create snapshots to use as restore points
  • web-based access to the Servers through remote console in the Client AreaWI
  • 24 hours/day supervision included
main elements of the service amount schedule
CPU 0,0250 per CPU, max 16
% CPU dedicated 0,0004 ogni 1% per ogni CPU
RAM dedicated 0,0050 per GB, max 64
disk space fast (oltre 200 IOPS) 0,0004 per GB, min 10 max 500 (max 4 dischi)
disk space standard (fino a 200 IOPS) 0,0003 per GB, min 10 max 500 (max 4 dischi)
additional internet bandwidth 0,0050 per Mbps, min 10 max 100
additional public IP 0,0050 per IPv4, max 15
LAN 0,0100 per LAN configurata
prices are in €

Each Cloud Server is scalable in size and power, configurable by the Customer in minutes using preconfigured templates including operating system and software applications.
All this in complete security and operational autonomy 24/7.


  • no investment in hardware subject to technological obsolescence
  • no additional cost for technical assistance
  • prices per hour and monthly billing after the event based on resources actually used or just allocated


  • total autonomy of management of your own network of Servers through the CloudWI section in the ClientiWI Area
  • maximum flexibility in the configuration and sizing of the Servers according to the real needs of your business
  • pay for the Service directly by invoice without using prepaid top-ups


  • locally- and geographically-redundant infrastructure with fault-tolerant system in disaster recovery
  • access to the portal to manage your own Cloud using username and password
  • remote console panel available on your Area ClientiWI
  • email and online reporting system


  • some templates include software applications that require the payment of a license for use
  • the operating systems can be installed only on fast disks whose minimum size depends on the operating system selected
  • the minimum duration of the service is one hour with rounding up to the following hour
  • after creating the Cloud Server, disk space can only be increased
  • in the case of Windows operating systems with SQL Server, the maximum number of configurable CPUs is 4


  • allocated resources refer to all CloudWI resources which, even if not used, have been reserved for the Customer (e.g. disk space and CPUs) even when the server is off

Technical features

  • 64-bit Blade architecture, dual 8-core processors, 2.6 Ghz per core and 256 GB of RAM
  • connections to the storage systems (SANs) with 4 8-Gbps fiber channel links and dual controller
  • fast disk space of unlimited bandwidth over 200 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), created on geographically-redundant SAN architecture with high-capacity cache memory and disk array designed to ensure the highest levels of performance
  • standard disk space with unlimited bandwidth up to 200 IOPS, created on geographically-redundant SAN architecture and disk array designed to ensure the highest levels of capacity
  • resource virtualization using VMware Hypervisor

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