Store your files in the cloud and share with whomever you want

Share your dedicated space in the Welcome Italia cloud.

DriveWI is a Web App available within the Area ClientiWI and allows you to use a disk space shared with your colleagues or other users associated with your company.

The application allows you to store and share, in a simple, secure way, company files and folders in a disk space located in the Welcome Italia cloud.

You can access files via the web from your PC, smartphone or tablet and have them available at any moment and wherever you are.


In summary

  • up to 480 GB of disk space depending on the Vianova profile subscribed to
  • up to 360 DriveWI users depending on the Vianova profile subscribed to
  • encrypted storage of your data
  • access via web using HTTPS protocol for secure file transfer
  • unlimited monthly traffic
  • daily backup of the data stored


  • reduce the number of copies of the same file on the network thanks to the shared company folder
  • free space on the hard disk of your PC
  • save time in finding the latest documents (price lists, offers, etc.)


  • share large files online with ease
  • eliminate the worry of emails not delivered due to too large attachments
  • efficiently organize files in folders and subfolders


  • manage files and folders with the same ease with which you perform these tasks on your PC
  • share files and folders with anyone without requiring the installation of software

Service costs


Store your files in the cloud and share with whomever you want

The service is included in the Vianova profile, to store and share your files simply access to your Area ClientiWI.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included


Additional DriveWI users

You can purchase additional DriveWI users in addition to those included in the Vianova profile chosen.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: 4,00 euro per user

Additional disk space

This is the optional disk space in addition to the space included in your Vianova profile.

The additional space automatically adapts to your working needs by increasing when you exceed the standard disk space and decreasing when you no longer require it.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: 0,288 euro per GB or fraction thereof of additional space used in the previous month


  • the service is not available for the Vianova 1.1 profile
  • the service includes the number of DriveWI users indicated in the Vianova profile subscribed to
  • the maximum size of a single archived file is 2 GB


  • the disk space used by DriveWI is added to that of MailWI and TrafficWI and contributes to the calculation of the total space used

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