Use your mailbox to send and receive faxes

Save time and money and respect the environment.

The most economical way to receive and send faxes, saving paper, toner, the cost of a dedicated phone line and maintaining a fax machine.

You can send and receive faxes from your computer with the same facility as using email. You can send faxes to one or more recipients at a time and receive them straight to your mailbox in the greatest confidentiality.


is the number of pages transmitted and received by our Customers with the FaxWI service in the last 12 months


How it works


  1. your fax number is associated to your email address (e.g. 1stname.lastname@company.it)
  2. incoming faxes to your number are diverted to the FaxWI service
  3. our servers receive and forward the faxes immediately to your mailbox, attaching the documents received in PDF format to the messages

… and transmitting

  1. it sends an email to an email address consisting of the fax number of the recipient and the domain @fax.vianova.it (e.g. 05844244201@fax.vianova.it)
  2. it attaches a PDF document to be sent, or you write the text directly in the body of the email
  3. our servers convert the message into a fax and transmit it to the number indicated. For each send you will receive an email with the transmission report


  • no need for a dedicated phone line
  • no need for paper and toner
  • no need for a fax machine, saving on maintenance costs


  • the send service does not require an access password due to the automatic recognition of your mailbox
  • you can send faxes easily wherever you are and through any device (smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop).
  • you store your fax number with the Number PortabilityWI


  • faxes can only be sent via mailboxes enabled in your Area ClientiWI
  • the fax received is visible only by the mailbox owner
  • the sender’s fax number is certified by Welcome Italia
  • outgoing faxes are processed by automatic software that guarantees security and confidentiality
  • your fax line is never engaged so you do not miss business opportunities


  • you can customize the header of your fax, select the office to which to charge the cost of sending and the fax number to be used in transmission
  • you can send the same fax to multiple recipients
  • you can attach multiple PDF files to your message
  • faxes sent and received can be viewed in your Area ClientiWI thanks to the TrafficWI service

Service costs


Use your mailbox to send and receive faxes

The service is included in Vianova’s profile and it’s ready to send faxes from your computer, call 145 to activate all receiving features.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included
  • fax receiving: included
  • fax sending: same cost of a local phone call


Additional FaxWI numbers

In addition to the numbers included in the Vianova profile chosen, you can activate additional numbers.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: 4,00 euro for each number


  • where email services are supplied by another Provider, Welcome Italia cannot guarantee delivery times for faxes received with the FaxWI service
  • you cannot receive calls on numbers associated with the incoming FaxWI service
  • sending faxes requires the use of enabled outgoing SMTP mail servers
  • for sending faxes, a mailbox may only be associated with a single Vianova Customer
  • you can send a fax to a maximum of 1,000 recipients
  • you can send faxes with a maximum of 100 pages


  • Welcome Italia’s Servers receive faxes in the standard format (CCITT G3) and convert them into PDF files
  • the FaxWI service is also available for 800 numbers
  • for faxes received, the sender’s number (via Calling Line Identification) is automatically included in the subject of the email and added to the fax header
  • in the case of an engaged line, interruption or error during the transmission of a fax, the service will attempt resending a further 4 times
  • faxes sent and received are encrypted to protect sensitive information from unauthorized readers
  • fax customizations can be carried out from your own Area ClientiWI
  • you can add new mailboxes and new SMTP servers enabled for sending faxes via your Area ClientiWI

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