Clarity and transparency on your consumption on one page

When it comes to clarity and transparency, Welcome Italy is second to none. And to prove it, each month we provide you with a tool to compare what was promised and what has been delivered.

That is why our InvoiceWI is so full of valuable details:

  • a summary of accounting and billing details
  • ten charts to monitor the monthly trend of the main services provided, including the number of your calls to our Customer Service and our operators’ actual response time
  • two tables related to telephone traffic, including the number of incoming calls unanswered by your switchboard or lost because of engaged lines

And all on one page.


Outgoing calls

Calls are grouped by type and you can see total duration, average duration, amounts and percentages of unsuccessful calls (engaged numbers or unanswered calls)

Incoming calls

Information about incoming calls to your switchboard or to the toll-free number measures the average response time and the number of lost calls. Such information will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your Customer Service and tell you where you can improve its efficiency

Single Invoice

You can receive an aggregate invoice for all your sites or an invoice for each site

Voice services – Total minutes

Total minutes of conversation of incoming and outgoing calls

Data services – Total MB sent and received

Data traffic volume of your company upstream and downstream

Email – Messages sent and received

Number of email messages sent and received by your company

FaxWI – Pages received

Number of fax pages transmitted and received every month by your company through the FaxWI service

Antispam – Blocked messages

Email messages sent to your company and blocked by the Antispam and Antivirus service

Customer Service – Calls

Number of calls made by your company to Welcome Italia’s Customer Service

Customer Service – Average Response Time

Average time to answer calls made by your company to our Customer Service

Assurance – Cases opened

Number of requests for technical assistance (instructions, configuration changes, support to external consultants, failures) sent by your company

Services – Total taxable amount

Monthly expenditure for your telecommunications services

Past-due receivables

Cumulative amount of past-due receivables

Service costs


Clarity and transparency on your consumption on one page

The service is included in the Vianova profile and each month it provides you with all the information of accounting and billing details of your telecommunication services, all on one page.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included

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