Line TestWI

This measures the performance of your Vianova line

The performance of your line always under control.

Line TestWI measures the upstream and downstream speed of your computer and automatically detects the parameters and performance of your Vianova Line.

In addition to being a very useful analytical tool, the service allows our Customers to share with Welcome Italia the same information in full transparency.


is the number of Line TestWIs performed by our Customers in the last 12 months

Line Test

How it works

The service is available on the Welcome Italia website and shows the following principal data:

  • Speed ​​of your Computer: the speed of the computer from which you are conducting the Test
  • Speed ​​of your Vianova line: the speed which includes, in addition to the bandwidth used by your computer, that used at that moment by other devices (computers, servers, Wi-Fi terminals, etc.) which may be connected to the LAN at your location
  • Line TestWI also shows the performance parameters of your Vianova line, such as ping, connection speed, noise margin, attenuation, etc.
  • the data for each test carried out is collected and stored in the archives of Welcome Italia and is accessible in your Customer Area


  • it allows you to identify any connection problems within the LAN or on the access line
  • it allows you to highlight any bandwidth consumption by other users connected to your LAN (e.g. Wi-Fi users)


  • it sums the traffic generated by all devices connected to your LAN and displays the actual bandwidth use of your line
  • the results of each test are saved and monitored to prevent problems and help resolving them


  • it compares the actual connection speed with that indicated in your Vianova profile
  • it highlights values ​​considered not conforming to Welcome Italia standards for greater transparency and a more rapid resolution of the problem


Service costs

Line TestWI

This measures the performance of your Vianova line

The service is included in Vianova’s profile and it is always available on Welcome Italia’s website.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included


  • the Line TestWI service requires the installation of Java and is available only for the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers
  • if the access line is on the ATM network, the maximum operational speed will be that of the active Vianova profile net of the 15% needed to transport data


  • the field “contractual speed” means the speed offered for the Vianova profile subscribed to (excluding the bandwidth used for overhead) and depends on the access technology used (xDSL, fiber optics, radio relay, etc.)
  • in conditions of particular proximity of your location to the station it is possible that the line speed is higher than the contractual figure and the percentage value obtained therefore exceeds 100%

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