Synchronize your email, calendars, tasks, contacts and notes on your devices

Professional tools for your work.

MailWI is our suite of applications and services designed to increase your productivity thanks to professional use of email, calendar, tasks, contacts and notes.

All the information stored in Welcome Italia’s Cloud is available at any time through the use of your favorite working tools: PC, notebook, smartphone e tablet.


million emails forwarded by Welcome Italia in the last 12 months


The service includes

  • an unlimited number of POP3 or IMAP mailboxes freely configurable on your company domain (for example
  • up to 360 MailWI mailboxes according to the Vianova profile chosen, freely configurable on your domain
  • up to 480 GB of email space based on the Vianova profile chosen
  • centralized Antivirus and Antispam services
  • web access to email, calendar, tasks, contacts and notes
  • integration with Microsoft Outlook through the ActiveSync protocol
  • automatic synchronization of all mobile devices used
  • calendar sharing
  • advanced capabilities to ensure greater security and flexibility of the company’s accounts

Service costs


Synchronize your email, calendars, tasks, contacts and notes on your devices

The service is included in the Vianova profile, to activate it and have mail boxes, Antivirus service and to manage emails on all your company’s devices, contact the Customers’ service number 145.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included


Additional disk space

This is the optional disk space (on which contacts, calendars, tasks and notes are stored as well as emails) in addition to that included in the Vianova profile chosen.
The additional disk space automatically adapts to your working needs by increasing when you exceed the standard disk space and decreasing when you no longer require it.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: 0,288 euro per GB or fraction thereof of additional disk space used in the previous month

Additional MailWI users

You can activate additional MailWI users in addition to those already included in the Vianova profile chosen.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: 4,00 euro per user

Migration support

This allows you to use the professional services of our Partners during the migration phase of your email domain from your old Provider, the reconfiguration of the Microsoft Outlook Client if necessary and importing the old email messages.

  • cost of the service: project-dependent


  • the service is not available for the Vianova 1.1 profile
  • the maximum size of individual mailboxes is 25 GB
  • the service includes the number of MailWI mailboxes indicated in the Vianova profile subscribed to
  • the synchronization of the calendar, contacts and notes is available on Microsoft Outlook, on Web Mail and on all mobile devices compatible with the ActiveSync protocol
  • Welcome Italia does not deliver first-level technical support services for email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.). To resolve any problems, after checks within your company, put your network administrator or the company handling LAN maintenance in contact with our Customer Service.
  • the Antivirus service protects your PC from viruses contained in email messages but not from those found elsewhere (e.g. surfing on hazardous sites, pendrives, CDs, etc.). So we recommend that you install desktop version Antivirus software on your computer and delete email messages that contain attachments of dubious origin immediately
  • the maximum size of an email message handled by Welcome Italia systems is 50 MB but other Providers could configure lower limits (typically less than 10 MB) and so refuse messages that exceed these dimensions
  • Calendar Sharing is possible only between accounts within your own domain
  • you can use the “send as” function only between users of the same domain configured on the MailWI  platform
  • the restrictions on receiving mail from domains other than that of the company do not apply for accounts included in groups or aliases


  • “MailWI mailbox” means an account configured with MAPI or ActiveSync protocols
  • MailWI services are activated after the installation of the lines using times and methods agreed with the Customer
  • the MailWI service activation for domains not in Hosting at Welcome Italia requires modification of the MX records on the DNS by the domain Registrar
  • the Antivirus and Antispam service can be activated and deactivated at any time in complete autonomy from your Web Mail
  • the Antivirus and Antispam service every day forwards an email statement of the messages blocked in the last 24 hours
  • the tasks included in the Migration Support service can be performed independently by consulting the manual available in the area dedicated to the MailWI service on our site
  • the disk space used by MailWI is added to that of DriveWI and TrafficWI and contributes to the calculation of the total space used

Note for POP3 users

  • messages blocked by the Antivirus and Antispam service can be viewed using Web Mail

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