Number PortabilityWI

Retain your phone numbers with the simplicity of our system

Retain your numbers without any difficulty.

With the Number PortabilityWI service, you will no longer pay line rental to your former Provider and you can retain your telephone numbers.

Thanks to the Dual Operator solution, which includes the installation of duplicate devices at the Customer’s premises, the transfer of your telephone lines to Welcome Italia will take place without any service interruption.


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Number Portability

How it works

Number Portability - fasi del processo

the values indicated refer to average days for activation in the last 12 months, expressed in day


  • you will no longer pay line rental to your former Provider
  • the offer includes transfer costs of your numbers


  • Voice service continuity is guaranteed thanks to the Dual Operator service
  • the service is available for all your telephone lines, including additional numbers on ISDN and the range of numbers for dial-through lines


  • just one invoice for all your company’s telecommunications services

Need a new phone number or want to change the current one?

Call our Customer Service to select the new Welcome Italia number with the area code that you favor

Service costs

Number PortabilityWI

Retain your phone numbers with the simplicity of our system

The service is included in the Vianova profile, the offer includes transfer costs of your numbers and it allows you to carry on with your work while the transfer of your telephone lines will take place with no interruptions.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included

Dual Operator

Welcome Italia has developed a special installation procedure that assures you Voice service continuity during the transfer of your telephone lines from your former Provider to Welcome Italia.

This procedure provides for the duplication of necessary resources (equipment, ports, etc.) so as to dispense with the need for the presence of technical staff on the day of the transfer of the lines from the old Provider.

  • activation cost:  included
  • monthly rate: included


  • the Dual Operator service is not available for Vianova 1.1 profile nor for the SIP Trunk Advanced Service
  • during the passage (cut-over) from your former phone Provider to Welcome Italia that usually takes place before 8.00 am on the arranged day, any incoming telephone calls will be cut off
  • Carrier Selection and Carrier Preselection services to other Providers will not be available


  • if the dial-through service is already active on your current numbers, with the Number PortabilityWI service we automatically transfer it to the new Vianova lines
  • with the Number PortabilityWI service you can retain your current number (the one published in the listing) and you can ask Welcome Italia for a new range of numbers with your area code to be associated with the internal phones connected to your switchboard
  • you can make all calls, including free calls to emergency numbers (e.g. 112, 113, 115 and 118) and decade 1,7 and 8 special numbers whose costs and restrictions can be viewed on Welcome Italia’s website

Publishing in telephone directories

  • numbers will be published in telephone directories following the publication schedule of Seat Pagine Gialle for that particular area
  • Welcome Italia will send the subscriber’s details within 30 days from service activation for all the telephone lines that the Customer has authorized for publication

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