Giving your email communications legal validity

The registered letter with return receipt from your computer.

PEC allows you to send emails that have the same legal status as a registered letter with return receipt, providing proof of the time it has been sent and delivered.

Thanks to this service, companies, professionals and public administrations can interact in a secure, certified way, making formal communication simpler.


How it works

  • emails are certified because the service Provider issues a receipt that constitutes legal proof that the message and any attachments have been sent
  • likewise, the recipient’s service Provider sends a delivery receipt for the PEC message back to the sender
  • these receipts with time and date stamp certify that the message has been sent and delivered in its original form
  • PEC is mandatory for all incorporated companies, public administrations and professionals enrolled in registers and lists


  • eliminate the cost of paper, toner and post office fees
  • save time and avoid queues at post offices


  • it is effectively immune from computer viruses thanks to the antivirus services and the certification of the sender
  • it can be admitted as evidence in the event of a dispute with third parties
  • it uses secure and encrypted protocols


  • you can use it with your own email application
  • it can be viewed from any web connection

Service costs


Giving your email communications legal validity

Vianova profile include one PEC mailbox for each voice channel. Call 145 to request the activation of your mailboxes.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included

Additional PEC mailboxes

In addition to the mailboxes included in the Vianova profile chosen, you can acquire additional mailboxes.

  • activation cost: 5,00 euro
  • monthly rate: 1,00 euro for each mailbox

Additional PEC space

You can acquire up to 5 GB of additional disk space for your PEC mailbox.

  • activation cost: 5,00 euro
  • monthly rate: 1,00 euro per GB

Additional PEC domain

You can certify a domain or register a new one in addition to the one included in your Vianova profile.

  • activation cost: 5,00 euro
  • monthly rate: 2,00 euro for each domain


  • in the Vianova 1.1 profile, PEC mailboxes are only provided on the domain
  • each Vianova profile includes a PEC mailbox for each voice channel
  • each PEC mailbox has 1 GB independent email space in addition to that indicated in the Vianova profile subscribed to
  • the service includes one PEC domain certification for each Vianova location subscribed to
  • certification is only applied to domains hosted by Welcome Italia
  • the maximum size of a PEC message is 50 MB (including attachments)
  • the service does not allow the certification of mailboxes with user name “postmaster”
  • the PEC mailboxes are provided on the domain or on your own domain provided it is hosted by Welcome Italia
  • messages can be sent as carbon copies (CC) to other addresses but not as blind carbon copies (BCC)
  • you can send a message to a maximum of 50 recipients; the sender will receive an email that the message has been delivered to each recipient
  • cancellation of the Vianova contract entails the deletion of the PEC mailboxes, messages sent and received, and the decertification of the PEC domain activated
  • the maximum length of a PEC address may not exceed 80 characters and can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters, dots and hyphens. Accented characters, spaces and other special symbols are not allowed


  • the service is provided in collaboration with a Provider accredited by the Digital Italy Agency (AgID)
  • the return receipt confirms that the message has been delivered to the recipient’s mailbox but does not certify that the message has been read
  • receipts constitute legal evidence only on condition that the sender and the recipient communicate through PEC mailboxes
  • receipts are retained by the Provider for at least 30 months; if you lose a receipt you can request a copy of it which has the same legal status as the original

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