Control and manage your web browsing

The service allows monitoring and control of internet browsing with the possibility of restricting access just to authorized websites.

The service includes AnalysisWI that generates statistics regarding browsing habits and completes its functionality with full control based on customizable browsing policies for each PC or LAN user.


In summary

  • AnalysisWI service included for every location activated
  • control of internet browsing on unauthorized websites
  • automatic update of the Content List of unauthorized sites
  • browsing policies configurable by Content List, time slots, users, IP addresses, domains and related groupings
  • integration with Active Directory
main service installation cost monthly rate
Proxy 150,00 75,00


price are in €
offer profile installation cost monthly rate
Vianova 1.1 e 1.5 100,00 10,00
Vianova 6.12 150,00 25,00
Vianova 15.22 200,00 35,00
Vianova 24.30 e 30+ 250,00 50,00


  • the service includes a firewall with customizable rules for every PC
  • custom browsing policies for every PC or LAN user


  • thanks to the integration with AnalysisWI, it is possible to easily check the efficacy of the rules configured
  • it is possible to create rules and identify users browsing the web using the same credentials as the company’s Active Directory domain (same users and passwords used to login to work PCs)


  • LAN users can be enabled to browse in pre-established time slots (lunchtime, for example)
  • attempts to access an unauthorized website are not traced




  • in the case of a multi-site configuration the LAN subnets in each location must be different


  • a user who tries to reach a website not authorized by the company is warned with the following message: “Browsing of this website is not authorized. To continue, click here but browsing can be traced.”
  • the content filtering service is based on public lists of websites (Black Lists) that provide an updated, categorized list. To improve the service, we also use reports from our Customers in order to quickly intervene in the case of unlisted sites
  • the main service consists in the activation of a Customer-dedicated Virtual Machine, independently of the number of locations connected, on which the ProxyWI service is activated and configured
  • each location requires a configuration of the access Router (or of the Customer’s firewall) and a specific ProxyWI configuration
  • for proper functioning of the service, the Customer’s firewall, if present, must support the No-NAT of packets with HTTP destination.

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