Send an SMS from your PC to one person or thousands of contacts simultaneously

Increase your sales and productivity with text messages.

The SMSWI service is the fastest and cheapest way to send SMSs from your PC to individual recipients, groups of Customers or thousands of contacts at the same time.

A versatile tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors promoting your products and services, updating your Customers about the latest news, and sending reminders for deadlines and appointments.


is the percentage of SMSs read by the recipient within five minutes of delivery (source: Juniper Research)


How it works

  1. log on with a company PC to the site
  2. Vianova Customers are automatically recognized through the static IP address allocated to the company LAN
  3. follow the onscreen instructions to sign in
  4. if you want, you can import your phonebook from your favorite application
  5. just a few seconds and then you are ready to send SMSs from your PC


  • the service is enabled only for PCs connected to your corporate LAN
  • you can receive replies to your text messages on your mobile phone with the SMSWI service
  • you can receive delivery reports of your text messages from the recipient’s mobile phone


  • you pay only for text messages sent which will be charged in the monthly invoice for services from Welcome Italia


  • you can customize the sender’s details with your mobile phone number, your company’s name or the brand name of a service
  • you can send a single message to multiple recipients in your phonebook, for example, to inform Customers of a promotion, to convene a meeting or to confirm the activation of a service to Customers
  • you can send thousands of text messages in a few minutes to communicate “today’s offer” or to inform several people of last-minute program changes
  • you can schedule the future sending of text messages for greetings messages to Customers or as a reminder of an appointment or a meeting
  • you can manage a personal phonebook of contacts and import data from external sources (Excel, text file, Outlook contacts, etc.)

Service costs


Send an SMS from your PC to one person or thousands of contacts simultaneously

The service is included in Vianova’s profile, to have full access simply register on

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included

SMS send cost

  • 9,5 cent € per SMS sent to national mobile phones
  • 19,5 cent € per SMS sent to international mobile phones
  • 2,5 cent € for all notifications


  • the SMSWI service is provided in collaboration with Vola S.p.A., a Welcome Italia Group Company
  • notifications of SMSs sent can be found in the reserved area of ​​the site

Custom solutions

  • Vola spa specializes in the development of advanced custom solutions such as bulk message sending for advertising campaigns and the integration of SMS messaging systems with corporate CRM systems


  • store your Customers’ mobile phone number promptly
  • assign one or more categories to contacts in your address book (colleagues, suppliers, friends, etc.) to facilitate sending a message to multiple recipients

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