Toll Free NumberWI

A toll-free number available to your Customers

Stand out from your competitors.

An advertising spend with high rates of return. The more your Customers call you, the greater the opportunities to sell your products and services.

A chance to stand out from the crowd of your competitors and a clear demonstration that you want to serve your Customers as best you can.


is the count of the numbers used by our Customers with the Linea 800 service in the last 12 months

Toll Free Number

How it works

  1. call our Customer Service and together with one of our operators choose the toll-free number you prefer
  2. the chosen number will be associated with your company’s telephone number (the one with your local area code)
  3. the calls to your new toll-free number are sent to your switchboard like any other incoming call
  4. your Customers and your contractors will have free admission to your company


  • you can convey the image of a company attentive to the needs of its Customers
  • you can choose a number that is easy to remember (e.g. 800 945 945)


  • you can receive national calls from landlines or mobile phones that will be charged to the party called
  • subject to technical confirmation, with our Number Portability service you can retain the toll-free number from your former Provider


  • you can program the service to block calls from mobile phones
  • you can choose one or more numbers from those offered by Welcome Italia free of charge

Service costs

Toll Free NumberWI

A toll-free number available to your Customers

The service is included in the Vianova profile, an Operator from our Customers Service is at your disposal to help you choose your toll-free 800 number.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included

Incoming calls cost

  • from Vianova Client: included
  • from landline: 1 cent €/min with no connection charge
  • from mobile phone: 18 cent €/min with no connection charge

Additional Linea 800 numbers

In addition to the numbers included in the Vianova profile chosen, you can activate additional numbers.

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: 4,00 euro for each number

International toll-free number

The service allows you to receive calls from the country in which the toll-free number is active that will be charged to the party called.

  • activation cost: 40,00 euro for each number
  • monthly rate: 6,00 euro for each number
  • cost of receiving calls from fixed and mobile phones: project-dependent


  • the Linea 800 service cannot receive calls from abroad unless the optional International Toll-Free service is activated
  • The cost for calls transferred to non-Vianova numbers (e.g. mobile phones, foreign numbers, numbers of other operators) is charged on the invoice according to the agreement on costs in the Vianova profile subscribed to

How much would my monthly advertising spend for a toll-free number be?

If you implement the service for landline calls only, with 1,000 calls per month and a total of 2,000 minutes of conversation (and that’s a lot), it would amount to an advertising spend of just 20 euro.
Hopefully, you’ll spend more than that!

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