Monitor the use of your telecommunications services

The history of your telecommunications is just a click away.

TrafficWI is a Web App available within the Area ClientiWI that can at any time provide you with detailed reports to analyze the use of your company’s voice and fax services.

The application allows you to see details of incoming and outgoing calls, the FaxWIs sent and received, the list of calls received by your 800 lines and the list of Conference calls made.

Thanks to a series of basic and advanced filters you can also optimize your searches and if required download the results in Excel format.

How it works

  1. the application is activated directly from the Area ClientiWI by selecting the TrafficWI menu item
  2. as required by the regulations on privacy, the consent of the Legal Representative of your company is required for activation
  3. check that your company’s Legal Representative details are correct and click on “send request”
  4. the Legal Representative will receive an email asking for confirmation to activate the service
  5. after the Legal Representative has read and agreed to the Specific Conditions of Supply, the TrafficWI application will be active and will start to record information
  6. TrafficWI is ready to provide you with reports


Details of all calls made and received by your business with results, durations and costs indicated. With filters you can perform all the searches you deem appropriate, such as to examine how often your Customer has encountered an engaged line or received no answer.
If you have an active IP Centrex service you can also view the list of internal calls.


An archive of all faxes received and sent through the FaxWI service by your company that is always available, with the transmission reports, the number of pages and the costs. Searching for a fax sent or received on a particular line number or in a certain period of time has never been easier. You can also download every single fax in PDF format and view the list of FaxWI numbers of your company with the associated email addresses.

Linea 800

Detailed reports to examine who called you on your Linea 800 numbers dedicated to marketing campaigns or Customer Service with the originating number, duration and cost indicated. You can view the list of all the 800 lines activated by your company with the related support numbers and check to see if the number is enabled to receive calls from mobile phones.

Conference Call

A constantly-updated list of all phone meetings convened with the Conference Call service detailing the virtual rooms used, duration, the moderator, and the name and phone number of the participants. 
You can also view the list of virtual rooms enabled by your company with their respective PINs and the email addresses to which audio recordings of the Conference Call will be sent if required.

Service costs


Monitor the use of your telecommunications services

  • activation cost: included
  • monthly rate: included


  • the service can be activated only from the Area ClientiWI through the guided activation procedure that requires the Legal Representative of the company to accept the Specific Terms of Supply
  • only users with administrator privilege can delete records
  • the information shown by TrafficWI is stored in the Disk Space reserved for the Customer and is distinct from the data that Welcome Italia is required to retain by law. This information is handled by the Customer in total autonomy and therefore, in the case of deletion even if accidental, Welcome Italia is unable to recover it


  • TrafficWI allows you to view all the events which occurred after the activation of the service
  • the service highlights the calls between Vianova Customers whose cost is always zero
  • the column “mobile network block” within the section Linea 800 indicates whether the number is enabled to receive calls from mobile phones
  • the disk space used by TrafficWI (for PDF storage of the FaxWI service and any audio recordings of the Conference Call service) is added to that of MailWI and DriveWI and contributes to determining the total space used

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